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ok realtalk dragon age: inquisition


i’ve been pissed - ANGRY, MAD, AWFUL RAGING WITH STEAM BILLOWING OUT MY NOSE - about the new aesthetic design brought on by the new dragon age game. im even more disappointed that tumblr (and the rest of the fandom) seems to LOVE its new look and the only complaints about the game are:

1. there’s a white guy
2. can we fuck everyone

and as someone who is just entering the industry, it’s HORRIBLE to see an influential game of this caliber regress to such a lazy state.

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You’ve got some interesting points there and they’ve been something I’ve been thinking about too? 

I’m not making any excuses for using generic-white-male-protagonist for their marketing yet again but out of all the possible bad situations, this is less bad haha. I do believe the character customisation and the flexibility of romances still actually makes it a progressive game. I had a rant like this with Remember Me (and I think some Assassin’s Creed game) cause I was annoyed that no-one had guts to cast a FULL poc character but a friend made me realise that although it’s not ideal, it’s better not to get overly negative unless… you were actually locked down only able to play generic-white-male-protagonist. Little progress is better than none. It is a missed opportunity to market an interesting inquisitor sure, but we just have to keep slowly nudging the game industry to a better direction.

Also, I think genre stuff (sci-fi, fantasy) has been going around in circles, as it has always been haha. Dragon Age designs sometimes are… since the beginning…not that great. I really didn’t play it for good design but if you are despairing over the fact it’s just another European fantasy, I could suggest a reason. I think a lot of fantasy writers/ artists (including myself) are more scared of “cultural appropriation” and so the easier solution is to return to a western based setting. Having poc in your western setting isn’t necessarily bad; poc were everywhere historically and they also contributed to culture not limited by one. So compared to white European fantasy, it is an improvement. In fact, cause it’s fantasy they can have all the cool important roles they want 8)

The alternative of writing fantasy from non-Western sources involves a lot more research and a constant fear you will tread on someone’s toes. This is surprisingly easy to do, even as a poc in a Western country, you are not clean from Western ideas. The thing that I’m always cautious of is not falling into “Orientalism” which is making everything that is non-Western exotic, or Other. The interesting thing is that a lot of Orientalists actually have good portraying their women as beautiful or their homes/clothes as luxurious but that actually plays into colonial attitudes… basically a lot of fantasy writers still don’t touch this at all (or if they do, a lot of them are still problematic). It’s better to have an attempt at fantasy with diverse sources but I can understand why they would stick to Western

So tl/dr just chill out haha. None of this stuff is ideal, I agree but lets not let it take away from what Dragon Age has done so far in comparison to the bulk of the gaming industry. Having some progress is better than none. I’m just glad they have proper black people now haha

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

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I just wanna see the lunar eclipse tonight???

cause blood red moon???

jokes I cannot cause of maths lecture

people take photos of it for me plz

honestly I didn’t think I would be doing BOTH maths and art essays in uni